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Colnago 40 Wcat

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Colnago 40 Wcat

Working catamaran designed to serve on fish farms equipped with Palfinger 15500 crane capable of lifting¬† 1000 kg on 10 meters arm. These boats are usually¬† referred as “Sea tractors” – they are used for towing, lifting and handling cargo on fish farms.

Rigid aluminum construction guarantees safety during the heavy duty work on the fish farm.

Colnago 40 Wcat Technical data
Loa 11.99m
Bmax 5.99m
Max. Draft 1.06m
Displacement max. 23800kg
Engines 2 x John Deere 85HP
Fuel tank 2 x 750 lit
Max speed (max.displacement) 10kts
Crane Palfinger 15 500
Deck Cargo weight 10000kg

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